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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

I am still around!

Just a quickie update. I am still around, you can find me on social media as either this name or my author name L.T.Marshall ( Leanne Marshall on facebook and twitter) I am still crafting but I split my time between crafts and writing as I am now also a published author. I will hopefully have more updates over summer with my yearly Liana Marcel events! Watch this space.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A little update , No i'm not dead!!!

I have made a return to youtube and a return to my blog YAY! So you can cheer with me , or maybe not. Truth be told I have been super busy with my writing blog, writing page and the novels I am in the middle of writing. Not to mention my weekly blog series on my newest blog. I know , I know...I'm crazy but hey ho. It makes me happy!

So first I shall give you a  little insight to what I have been doing. I finished my first romantic novel, it's called Just Rose and should be for sale on Amazon in the nearest future. It is currently going through the editing process and you can find little excerpts and character profiles on my blog !

I started a fabulous Witch series on my blog, a free read along every week with lots of extras!

I restocked Liana Marcel with some new rainbow things!

Oh and I have a giveaway running too with fabulous hand made witchy items!

Monday, 22 August 2016


Want to win a £15 gift voucher?
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This can be either a review on a previous purchase or simply what you think of my website or products.
I expect honesty so even if I am not your kettle of fish then feel free. Once you have left the review just comment below with DONE, so I can keep tabs on all entrants and manage to contact the winner via here or facebook.
Will end on the 5th September. 2016. Feel free to browse my store before you enter to see what you would spend the voucher on!

That's it. Free and easy and will only take a moment of your time.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Tooth fairy jars from

So a few weeks ago i was sitting staring at my mass collection of tiny glass vials and trying to come up with something a tad different.
As an avid youtube watcher of craft videos i had been intrigued to see polymer clay artists regularly adhering clay to glass with a few tips and tricks.
My brain began to work overtime at the possibilities and already having a love of making small intricate designs with polymer clay i soon came up with an idea. Combining my love of whimsy and fairytale with my love of small containers, glass and purposeful things i created my Tooth Fairy Bottles.
Why are these so much better than a tooth under the pillow?
Well having two children of my own i can assure you that it is no mean feat trying to slide your hands below the head of a sleeping child in the darkness and trying to locate something as small as a tooth.
With my bottles you do not place these under the pillow at all.
Instead you put your tooth inside and leave it to bask in the moonlight on a window sill or shelf. That way fairies see the little token holder and know to come get your tooth.
And when not in use i sell small sachets of glow in the dark pellets that can be stored in the empty jar. When its dark at night the tiny spaces in the clay glow subtly giving it such a magical quality.
I do two sizes of these cute bottles, the small are for tiny baby teeth and can fit a good size of small tooth, they are more dainty and charming. The larger can fit up to large lost teeth easily and are a bit more robust, suitable for children with naturally larger teeth.
Each one is lovingly hand crafted and although very cute and made for childrens teeth please do not let your children play with them. They are afterall a glass vial covered in clay which can be broken off or bitten at.
Want to purchase ? Visit my store

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Make a DIY Unicorn magical whimsical card with my art :)

I was pretty much gorging myself on paper craft videos on you-tube this week due to being unwell and stuck home with sick kids too. I watched with envy at all the new Lawn fawn stamps and dye kits and thinking how awesome it would be to design my own stamps and dyes ( hint hint lawn fawn, ranger...whoever else makes stamps ??? lol) I had this sudden brainwave!!! I am only a beginner when it comes to paper crafting and my supplies are very sad and practically non existent My stamp collection is very eclectic from years of random gifts and junk shop finds. So instead of pushing aside the paper in a huff, i had decided i wanted to make my own pretty card today to send a friend and i wanted it to be as beautiful and hand crafted as the videos i watch on you-tube!
So how do you remedy the lack of cards and stamps?
I made my own printable sheet bringing together all the elements i wanted and voilĂ ....I am lucky enough to have a laser printer so printing this out on watercolour paper is almost like stamping right? And as for having no dyes well that's what scissors are for! YAY
I can shrink it to any size and print it off, I could even colour it online too if i was being super lazy and then just mount it on pretty card. Add some sparkle and VOILA!

And because i'm a sweet sharing girl here it is for you to print and use too.
Please if you do use this image give me some credit for it as i lovingly hand drew this piece and feel free to tag me in social media or share to my pages :) 

Sunday, 6 March 2016

My review of Eli Chems new clear art resin

So after a week of playing with a new resin i am finally sitting down to type this up.
I was one of the lucky 25 resin artists globally who received a free tester kit from Eli Chem resin of there brand new art resin formula. The awesome thing is this has not even been put out for general sale yet and they wanted our feedback before they did so. Does that make me feel super special? HELL YEAH.
Once it was shipped from Elichem who are UK based it got to me literally next day! It was packaged so well it took me a good 10 minutes to open the box and a further 10 minutes to get the resin seal off lol.

Now am i not one of those crafters who try it out on a  piece they were thinking of making already then just post the results with a photo....ummm no i am far too over critical and over analytic to do something that easy. No no no... I had to go all techy on myself and try it out in various ways and in various colours. I am known for making something simple into a huge big adventure lol.
Yes i know your probably yawning by now but this accomplishes 2 things...firstly i get a real feel for the resin using it in so many ways and flook awesome pieces that can potentially happen if you dont use a product enough are less likely. You use it more the chances are you will run into issues, find its flaws and strengths and get used to using it. And using it more and in many ways means i dont get a knee jerk opinion of the resin....the more you use something the more you really decide if you like it or not!
I wanted to try it clear as it boasts great clarity and bubble release but i also wanted to see if small jewellery casts were something it could be used for.
I am not going to lie, at first my reaction was not kind. First mix and pour, first bubble release playing and i decided i did not like it. It developed a thin film as it cured so that meant adjusting anything in the mould would disturb the film and leave streaks GASP!!! It cured faster into the second stage so meant less playing time and it took longer to fully cure overall. I am a serial tweeker who likes to push things about until the resin gets too thick ARGHHH.
Roll on day 2 and some self reasoning...yes i am a spoiled baby who dislikes anything new, yes i am a total loyal nerd who turns there nose up at things i don't already use and love. I was being harsh.
I started again with no expectations, it took a couple mixes to get a feel for how to lessen bubbles, how to get best results and before long i was using it as easily as my regular mastercast 121 ( by the same company ) I started to realise that the things i did not like actually made sense for a resin used in art. That the things i didn't like were actually a good thing and could be skirted around when trying to use this as a general resin.
I started to actually love this resin. Generally it behaved a lot like my mastercast 121 with some fine differences, improvements i would say. BUT i still love my trusty mastercast and will never stop using it! Now i covered a lot in my video below so pop over to take a gander at what i filmed and learn how to make some awesome faux stained glass resin art while your at it. Video is at the bottom of this post. But as i am a complete un-organised , cloud headed artist there are a couple of things i did not mention in the video which are of great importance. Well they are if you make resin jewellery!
Firstly i forgot to mention sanding the resin...yes it sands easily like most other epoxies!Use the same tools and techniques you are already using.
Viscosity - another really important fact is this resin is more fluid than most epoxies on the market, this thinner more fluid formula is why it has better bubble release qualities and crystal clear finish.
Glazing - i glaze with resin and this was great at being used to create a shiny top coat.
Doming - it was a pleasure to use to dome, thick enough to get a decent dome and i didnt get any overspill and the quicker first stage of setting up meant it was less likely to spill.
Resin amounts- slight variation if you mix a tiny amount and a large amount is really your bubble release. With small amount i suggest using your normal bubble release tricks like preheating and using a flame to pop any after pouring. Larger amounts had great bubble release and hardly needed any flame popping.
Odour - I have hypersensitivity which means super human sense of smell, i guess in a way it voids my review of how it smells lol...the resin smelled of chemical cleanliness and the hardener a slight ammonia, but i stuck it under the nose of innocent visitors and they all said it was odourless. So boo me and my superwoman nose!
Clean up - like regular epoxy i managed to clean down most of my space with baby wipes or used nail polish to get rid of left over stickiness, easy mess free clean up.
Trimming - now if your a resin jewellery maker you will know what i mean by trimming, we either use scissors or a blade to remove over pour before sanding, and as this resin takes a bit longer to fully harden it was easy to do both, i did find there was a slight slight sticky feel if you demoulded too soon but regular use of the resin would teach you when you could without issue.
Ratio - its a 1-1 ratio mix so using measuring spoons or cups keeps you right.
Cure time - the first stage from liquid to gel was very quick, hard to be exact as i didn't time it but 20-30 minutes at a guess. After that it developed a really hard shiny top layer which would fool you into believing it was cured but underneath was still very bendy and soft. The actual full cure to rock hard was overnight and a bit, so i would say 18-24 hours give or take.
The finished shine - super shiny and solid, i loved the clarity once it fully cured!

Where can you get it? well its not been released yet but if you follow eli chem resin on facebook ( )then i'm sure they will be telling the lovely resin followers as soon as its ready. And they do now ship to many overseas countries too...yay!

 Will i buy it ? Yes i think i would, but i would use it alongside my regular resin and choose the resin per project. More intricate resin jewellery i think i need the longer liquid stage. I am a resinner who tries to use as few layers as i can and fit different details into one layer at different stages of curing. But i know many resin crafters who work in several layers that this would be ideal for, faster set up means getting through more layers on a piece faster. For doming and glazing this has to be a winner though, its got enough thickness to hold a good dome while being fluid enough to spread easily, good bubble release means less time messing with heat tools and its quicker to thicken and not likely to spill over. And for an art resin project its absolutely perfect!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Happy Friday in the sick house of poorly children and half assed housework.

I figured it had been a really long time since i had just a general catch up blog! You know one of them pointless posts about why i have failed to keep you interested in DIY fabness or revealing new items. Truth is i simply have not had it in me.
My children came down with a slow passing lergy and have been off school most of this week, my house is not as tidy and prim as it could be and my workspace looks like the reject desk at a craft magazine when there searching for inspiration. I simply have come to a BLEUUURGGGHHH moment!
Well so far this year i mean who can blame me, post xmas blues where your recovering from the splurging and over spending. No one is really buying lots of cute quirky things from me so that normally leaves my time in the new year to dedicate to other things. Craft videos, ideas and new products. Truth is i've been so busy learning how to make the best ever wax melts i can and finding the process harder than i first imagined! See the down side to being a madame of perfection means you can not let one single 'not up to scratch' item leave your domain! That means lots of making, testing and well huffing and puffing when its not quite right and definitely NO listing any for sale! There will be a grand reveal , I am just not sure when ?!?!?!
My resin desk is like a desert plain with tumble weed blowing by as i seem to have gotten into the naughty habit of sitting watching youtube videos instead of actually creating...I am getting inspired i hear you yell! No i am not really....I am however being lazy and using it as a fabulous excuse.
I have a new bee in my bonnet whispering naughty evil thoughts about buying all new craft supplies and starting to paper craft! All in a good cause you understand, to make my own packaging super pretty and a whole new look to my parcels....... honest!
My kids have been doing well in school, My other halves business is in the process of a rejuvenation and heading in a new direction so it feels a lot like everything is up in the air. You have to take those scary steps though to succeed. Ever moving, ever growing.
I know this post has turned into a bit of a chin wag over the back fence, like neighbours catching up HAHA so i'll end with a project i did actually get round to doing this week . Thats a dolphin themed gift set .
Have a good weekend :)

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

DIY little felt bird ornament...cute sewing project

This week I am sharing with you one of my favourite felt projects. I designed this a very long time ago and found them to be a great gift item for various occasions. They can be made in so many colours and styles. Both with legs and without.

This is the rough pattern i made, If you print this on a4 size then it gives you the size of bird i use but it can be sized to pretty much anything you desire.

You will need ;-
Felt, Sewing pins,stuffing, sharp scissors, your template, needle and thread. Seed bead for eyes and craft wire if you want to add feet for standing birds.Wire cutting and shaping tools, nail varnish in your choice of colour to paint the legs and feet.

You will cut out the template , maybe neaten my lines as you go as there so awful hahaha. Pin them to your felt and draw around. I find drawing your outlines much better and more accurate. Just be sure to draw them on the back of your felt facing your pieces accordingly.

Ok to make the bird is a little more complicated .  I am going to film the process and add the video below this as soon as its ready!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

DIY Rosette badge tutorial, perfect for birthdays!

I made a new youtube video today and despite loads of technological difficulties i finally got it up. Its a tutorial on making yourself some cute and funky rosettes to give to your family on friends on birthdays, special awards, or even christmas. Fin and easy to make.

They are cute and bright and can be customised to almost any colour or design theme.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Watch me work, Making a resin unicorn head necklace from scratch.

I was recently asked to make a custom order necklace in specific colours by a client, she also asked  that i document the process as she would love to see it being made . So i went one better and filmed the whole process making a high speed step by step of the necklace from start to finish.

I hope you enjoy watching me create, I apologise for my poor filming skills i do hope i will get better in time lol.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

January is the beginning of new things at

     So as the title suggest I have some new news. New announcement ?  I don't know lol!  Anywhooo The new year kick started my new line of a quality delicious product. Wax melts!
I had never even heard of these until the very end of last year and once I did I swooped upon any information I could like an eagle to its prey. After weeks of researching, youtubing, sourcing and obsessing I got round to trying my very first melts today !!
And I am pleased to say that I did rather well!

       My first trials were more of a getting to grips with wax, working out the scent measurements and trying to be creative. Its not as easy as it looks! I'm a master of resin and was able to apply many of my skills to wax instead but I still found it challenging. The Heart tart melts are tutti fruity scented and was my first time mixing my own scent too! I sourced only premium waxes and fragrances online as I want my products to be the best!

     My next melts were a little more adventurous. I aim to be different and have pretty melts rather than plain ones. I think I achieved it with these strawberry and pear unicorns!
So now I'm storing them in sealed tubs for a few weeks to let the scents develop. Apparently this intensifies the smell so we will see. I have reviewers waiting to test them for me and watch this space!!!!

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lenny The Unicorn DIY plush rainbow slippers from Liana Marcel

I have just uploaded my first YouTube tutorial in absolutely forever. I am so out of video making practice that this was a real labour of love!
But as promised i have filmed and posted my step by step video of me making my super plush Lenny slippers and i do hope you enjoy watching it. I would love to see any pictures if you try these for yourself.

What you will need -

Scrap rainbow fabric, i sourced a sample size on ebay for £1.89 posted
Half a meter of white fur fabric unless you can get white fur slippers . I paid about £4 posted for my half meter on ebay.
Slippers, you can get cheap slippers most places but i was lazy and again ebay £2.89 posted
Safety eyes. 99p for ten pairs on oh yes you guessed it EBAY!
Pink felt scraps ( i already had this.)
Yellow fleece or felt and i also already had this.

Yellow sewing thread and a needle.
Knitting needle or sharp tool to make eye holes
Sharp scissors
Hot glue gun ,I used 2 half sticks of glue.

And if you want the how to do! Then watch my video. Please feel free to ask any questions :)

Monday, 14 December 2015

Free Christmas elf knitting pattern from Liana Marcel

Dinky the elf!

As promised here is my Knitting pattern for my elf!  -

You will need at least 50g balls of double knit in the following colours although i tend to work from large balls so cannot be accurate.

Dark green
Light green
Skin tone
Toy stuffing
Sewing thread in skin tone
2 seed beads for eyes
Scrap pink felt for cheeks.

I use toy makers needles which are a uk size 14 but a size 12 will work making a larger elf.

Head and body

Starting at the bottom on the legs -

Cast on 15 stitches in light green
working in 2 rows green, 2 rows red stocking stitch 46 rows.

Leave this leg on your needle, cut wool and make a second in the eact same way.

Once you have 2 legs put all the stitches on one needle facing with the right side towards you and join on dark green.
Stocking stitch starting with a Knit row for 20 rows.
(Knit 2 stitches together) repeat until the end.
Pearl one row
Knit increase in every stitch until the end
Add on skin tone wool
Stocking stitch 20 rows.
(Knit 2 stitches together) repeat until the end.
(Pearl 2 stitches together) repeat until the end.
Break off your wool and thread through remaining stitches and take off needles. Pull up to gather.


Starting at the shoulders.

With Dark green cast on 12 stitches
Stocking stitch in 2 rows dark green, 2 rows light green for 36 rows.
Knit 2 rows in light green
Add skin colour
Knit one row
Stocking stitch 5 more rows
(Knit 2 stitches together) repeat until the end.
Break wool and thread through remaining stitches, pull off needle gathering up.

Tunic skirt

In dark green cast on 34 stitches
Stocking stitch 10 rows
Join on white
Garter stitch 3 rows
cast off

Belt Buckle

Make a chain or finger knit chain of 10 stitches and tie off.


In light green cast on 20 stitches.
Stocking stitch 2 rows
Knit 4 stitches then turn
Pearl 4  stitches then turn
Knit 4 stitches then turn
Pearl 2 stitches together to end
Knit 2 stitches together to end
Break wool and thread through remaining stitches and tie off.

Repeat this pattern on the rest of the collar creating one point at a time.


In red cast on 34 stitches
Knit 4 rows
Join on Dark green and Knit 1 row
Pearl 1 row
Join on Light green and stocking stitch 2 rows
Join on white and stocking stitch 2 rows
Dark green stocking stitch 2 rows
Continue to work in this colour pattern but start decreasing one stitch at the start of every row.
Repeat until 2 stitches remain
Break off wool and thread through stitches. Tie off.

Ears (make 2 )

In skin tone cast on 4 stitches
Knit 1 row
Increase pearlwise into every stitch
stocking stitch 3 rows
decrease one stitch at both ends of every row until 2 stitches remain.
Break off wool thread through stitches and tie off.

Feet (make 2 )

In dark green cast on 16 stitches
knit 1 row
Increase each end of every row until you have 26 stitches
Stocking stitch 4 rows
Cast off

Boot cuffs ( make 2 )

In white cast on 17 stitches
Knit 2 rows
cast off

To make up

Start at head and sew back seams together stuffing as you work down to the body and legs, You can thread wool round the neck to make it more defined. leave bottom of the legs open.

Arms are sewn from the hand up to the shoulder, stuff as you go. Sew either side of the body.

The tunic is sewn about 5 rows up onto the dark green body but this is down to personal taste. The white is the belt edge i find sewing the tunic seam at the back before sewing in place helps.
I stitched a decorative row of white wool round the bottom to stop curling up.

The hat is sewn from the point to the brim, i do not stuff the hat, sew on the head about one third from the top. The ears go on after the hat is in place.

Ears are folded in half creating a pointed ear, i sew this seam together before positioning on each side of the head.

Feet are folded in half, the cast off edge is the sole. Sew up leaving the top open, stuff and attatch to leg bottoms. hide the seams with the white cuff.

The collar sits best if you first stitch it together round the neck area, secure with a couple stitches to the neck then sew the point ends onto the body as pictured.

Finally stitch some skin tone wool over and over to create a nose on the centre of the face, hide ends inside the head.

Sew on small circles of felt for cheeks and small seed beads for eyes.
Create a loop with the belt buckle and sew to middle of the belt and your done!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Idea Snatchers, a creative guide to getting one step ahead!

Idea thievery!

Yes as the title indicates this post is a little bit of a rant combined with some constructive tips. Being a Career crafter I have gone through the last several years with many highs and many lows. And if you are also a career crafter you will know the unique anger and stress created when you suspect another business of taking your ideas. Now this subject is often moaned about on many social media sites. I have seen many businesses rant and rave on there pages and websites accusing people of thievery! This is not a new or unique problem and sadly i do not foresee it ever being an old problem.
With this blog post I intend to not only sympathise but tell you how I have gone on to manage with years of being ripped off by fellow crafters one way or another.
Get yourself a cup of tea, and possibly a box of tissues and read on with me.

Okay firstly there are any different variations of idea stealing, while some may breach copyright I am afraid some do not. And copyright law can be very hard to navigate or even enforce when you are a small time designer with no legal team behind you.
I am exactly one of those, any spare cash goes on glitter not solicitors!
Easy recognisable Liana Marcel!

Those who copy your designs almost detail by detail.

What google says-
Ok in this case then you do have rights as long as your design was originally yours and you can prove date of conception. It is however very hard to prove if you have not registered with a copyrighting company ( there are many online). And as artists you do actually have a legal right to protect your designs without having done so. I am no expert in this but there is a vast amount of information on What to do next online. Many businesses find contacting the copycat designers and threatening legal action in a polite mature manner often does the trick. But beware as many online businesses fake bravado on social network sites and this can come to a messy online war. Source advice online and templates on cease and desist letters to protect your design.

What i would do- In my case I am not one to approach and ask a small business to cease copying my exact design. I have a very unique style so it is easy identifiable as a knock off  'Liana Marcel'. Luckily the more unique I become the less I have the issue with exact copycats. So my tip after contact would be to revise your designs, create a unique process of manufacture that no one could guess or replicate. Your 'secret recipe' so to speak. If something is too hard to copy chances are it won't be. Most copycat businesses looks for simple easy to make items for maximum profit. Become a skilled crafter at your chosen medium. Talent is never copy-able.

Those who take your design and make adjustments
Again pretty much the same scenario above, your design is recognisable but has maybe been altered slightly or colours changed. Copyright law asks for a certain number of consistent features in an item for it to breach so it is worth getting your research on!

Those who take your idea and pretty much replicate
Ok so this one has a couple of scenarios. One being they take an idea behind your design and use that in there own way....Sadly this is not a copyright issue, and as long as they have interpreted the design in there own style its not anything you can legally do anything about. Many artists take inspiration from ideas online everyday. Heck we have all done it. The belief that no idea is ever a unique idea is a strong one and in this case you can do very little. I have seen many online wars raged between 2 businesses and you really need to evaluate what this does to your business reputation. My advice is DON'T!! Yes feel angry and mad, tell your closest friends, have a facebook sob (not on your business page, no names... no links). But do not engage in tit for tat battling where customers will most definitely get a bad impression of your business ethics.
 The other part of this scenario is marketing thievery. When you think up a promotional idea or marketing tool only to see it being used by said business shortly after you launch it. This has to be the most teeth grinding thing for me. Marketing does not come naturally and when I take time to think up a promotion or idea it is hard work. These idea riders who take use of that are not only lazy but its bad business etiquette.

What to do?
Well swallow it down, dust off your saddle. Your brain thought up the first brilliant idea so use the anger to motivate even better ones. Success is a far better revenge on petty idea stealers than an outright war. Use each theft as a tool to get your ass onto bigger and better. Business will always encounter competition. The mark of a successful business is to push aside it all and carry on. Yes your human and its ok to feel so enraged you want to shut shop and give up! But take it from me...use that emotion to sit down and work out your next plan of action. Your next jaw dropping creation. Always aim higher and better. For one thing is true....if someone depends on stealing ideas to win then they will never truly succeed. They will meet there limits when all those who used to fuel the ideas become too good for them to copy. Become a master at your trade. An easily recognisable brand! Build unique methods, source your supplies and have so many trade secrets you will need a wheelbarrow to cart them round!

Those who repetitively do one or all of the above.
Well it sucks to be them truly. As they may be reaping the rewards of others ideas but deep down they know it. And that my friends is on there conscience not yours. And through time more people they do it too (and they will) will see them for what they are. Yes they may get to a reasonable level of success but they lack the skill to be phenomenal. Be true to your art.... ignore those who will try and take it from you. Use legal action when you can and if you cannot well then learn to outshine !
When you see true success stories they always tell you there are the copiers and the design thieves, its not new to anyone. But if you let it tear your business down then you let them win. Hold your head high feel complimented that your design was obviously so fabulous they tried to replicate. And replicate is exactly what it is, they won't have your skill or touch of magic. No copies are ever anywhere near as good as the originals. SO aim for high quality, high workmanship, skill and pride.
And if you find your items frequently are ripped off then evaluate your whole line, look at how to make it more YOU, more unique. Easy identifiable. As one good thing comes from true craft....followers and loyal fans. And quite often they are the ones who will fight your corner for you when they see a cheap knock off!